Wednesday, March 06, 2013
Michigan's John Latta, also waiting for spring:

"[A] way of paring down what’s been scaled back, reduction (in some quarters) averred a sign of (gulp) wisdom. Or why not point to the snow’s aimless and continual sifting down out of the sky and say its maleficent presence lingers in the way it makes every detail succumb to its own 'big, cold, dramatic gesture'—'like a purple "Okay to Eat" on a rump of beef' (James Schuyler)? Why not that? You needn’t be rigorous and personal about it. You can look forward to assembling a little anthology of whatever’s sprung loose by the March floods, a mash-up of yellowed monocotyledonous debris ('snow-tamp’d grasses') and green sprigs of skunk cabbage or ailanthus (anything but 'the usual fescue'). Rescue in the offing."

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