Saturday, March 09, 2013
Fun fact:

Confronted by the (admittedly rare) sight of 200+ boxes of books stacked up in the front room, 1 in 2 people feel obligated to offer one of the following:

-Wow that's a lot of books.

-You've really got your work cut out for you!

-Did somebody die?

Having offered one of these, chance of the commenter actually buying something drops by approximately 99%.

I get it: people like to watch other people work. That's why little kids and bored old men congregate around construction sites, the guy at Granville Island with the big copper fudge kettle, street performers, & etc.  It requires no skill whatsoever and makes the watcher feel important, like a "representative of the management."  But the next clown who busts out one of these hoary old chestnuts is going to need to find some other bookseller to "supervise."

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