Saturday, February 23, 2013
Store as Cunt, by Bruce Hainley.  Free typo-ridden version of an extraordinary, longish, Art Journal essay on Sturtevant, first paragraph apparently MIA.

"Three weeks later, on Sunday, May 14, 1967, a more standardized (or authorized) bulletin ran in 'What's New in Art':

STURTEVANT- 623 East 9th Street. The Store of Claes Oldenburg by Sturtevant. To June 11

However many questions remain unanswered, certain matters are clarified: there's a new closing date, and an artist's name now accredits the enterprise, twice over, as if to notarize in duplicate who was doing what to whom again.

Something related to Oldenburg and his work changed the dynamics of the response to Sturtevant and hers, despite the fact that The Store of Claes Oldenburg by Sturtevant never was The Store by Claes Oldenburg. When asked about Oldenburg in the late 1980s, Sturtevant confirmed, without mentioning her performance in Washes or any other interaction the artists may have had, that 'he was one of my big supporters both intuitively and intellectually until I recreated his store [sic] and he just went bananas.'" His wasn't the only volte-face, as the artist noted. 'People thought I was joshing, or saying that anyone could do it. Of course that was not my intention.'"

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