Saturday, February 02, 2013
Someone asks why I don't write that much here any more, "instead of just cut-and pasting."  Exhaustion, mostly.  80 hour weeks will do that.  But the plan was never a curated selection of Serious Texts.  I wanted something like collage, images and overlapping voices, mine among others', fine art and recipes and mountains and pictures of my cat and various friends and loved ones all jumbled up together.  Bakhtinian polyphony!

Also, like my friend JT, I've intuited, lately, that spending time writing about in-process projects takes time away from completing them. The lack of recent non-Street View pictures here doesn't mean they're not being made, just that, these days, I'm more interested in presenting finished, or mostly finished work, as opposed to blogging about the production process.

"Still to come, bide your time." (Warren Tallman)

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