Friday, February 01, 2013

HI DADdy, itz me gREy Kitteh. MuMz siCk so I HeLP heR wiTH YARn tANggLINg aND sITTIng. THiS kEYboARD iS hArd. ShE iS SLEeP nOW. BeFoRE mUM SLeeP, shE seZ, oH, if oNLy mOAr KrunchYs foR GoOd KIttEhs. No moAr KrunchYs. KiTTeH sAd, buT tHEn Haz IDEA, asK DAD. So KIttEh asK DAD: y no moAr krunchYs? Y You No lOVe KIttEh? PlZ BrInG krunchYs. BETwEen KITteh and DAD. No woRRy muM - no tELL her. MAil sLOt ok. PLEaSE bRINg SooN. KIttEh dOn't No wHEn sHe WAke Up. Kthxbai.

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