Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Pearblossom Rules

1.  Site

2.  "Joined" physical prints mounted to a surface, not digital collage

3. Big; approx 6' x 10'

4.  Smaller maquette first

5.  Maintenance of each print's physical integrity.  Prints can be overlapped but not cut into.

Someone in the audience offers the unsolicited opinion that this is an odd and unproductive way to spend my time.  To which I can only reply, I wish I had a choice.  In my ideal world I would be making graphic-design "linguistic conceptual art" art a la Lawrence Weiner, Ian Hamilton Finlay, and the early Rodney Graham, but judged my early experiments in that direction failures and stopped.  The current program likely seems inexplicable from the outside, but jibes with my own sensibilities.

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