Wednesday, November 07, 2012
Waste My Time, Please

This guy just came into the shop with a nicely printed business card to advise us of some important information that he had recently posted on the internet.  A representative sample:

"Through Proper Action, this the Wide Main road of Virtue, experience and a balancing of the books of the heart, we may approach 99 percent free will and 1% fate at which pointe, once we are prepared to go any distance, surrendoring our final desire for permanent wisdom itself; we receive by the grace of God, something improbable whereby we non-become, free from death, having realized ourselves as eternal Sons and daughters of the Lord.  Some Sons and Daughters, through Mistake or hatred, end up fating themself to Hell, pain and suffering .  It is by Wrong Action that our affirmative free will of Soul becomes clouded and we become a by-product of nature, sometimes the worst aspects.  As a Son or Daughter descends through [crime], or otherwise, the soul falls to as little as 10% free will and is 90% fated to HELLfire, haveing dug themself into a 0(Zero) gate, below their usual normal ones.  Some sons and daughters not only commit Mistake, but then final mistakes, (putting their negative pain karma) beyond normal repairable limits, and thus find ourself in a - 1 gate which is a dead still point below the 0 gate.  A criminal (mind) like this are reverted to false virginal “innocence”, non-difference and [nonsense]. It is a vampire, NAZI, “tarnation”, or zombie.  It is evil, it is illegal, and it is Enemey.  Enemey have no respecte nor honor (nor can they nor will they, This the Bright&morning star, Lucifer, being the only (legal) exception in God’s creation)."

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