Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Screen grab.  Forensic analysis; foreshadowing.  Or, as L. would say, only half-joking, three of my five topics of conversation on display simultaneously.  Thanks to L., Steven Tong, and Keith Freeman for their kind assistance with this particular game of solitaire/close reading, about a "NYT Sunday Times Crossword" level of difficulty.  For the record: YVR; lane behind secondary north/south street; mixed neighborhood of older and more modern homes.  Next step is to drop by and have a look around, to see what else I might find there.

I like that decrepit shelf; it makes me wonder what it once supported, and reminds me of the handmade, gently run-down mailboxes and newspaper tubes that line the rail leading down to the public dock at Eagle Harbour.  Maybe a good photograph would overlap, or reflect on, those otherwise disparate things.

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