Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Not a legitimate subject by the strict rules of this odd game of solitaire-cum-close reading, but distinctive enough to make me curious.

Probably, but not definitively, Vancouver.  (The catalog raisonne lists a 1989 work as being photographed in "Vancouver" -- actually Burnaby -- and Jean-Francois Chevrier, in an essay in the same volume, refers to Vancouver as the "capital of British Columbia," so I take European geographical attributions with a shaker of salt).

Overhead wires.

An older neighborhood into which "new balloon homes" were inserted c. 1986-2000, or an older neighborhood on the periphery of a subdivision.

A paved lane behind a secondary north-south street.  Lane because of the architectural subject; the back yards; the distinctive shift in blacktop in the foreground.

Big conifers.

A certain elevation, just below the crest of a ridge or hill.

(My colleague Steven Tong sez, "South Vancouver." L. sez, "I can't believe I'm wasting time on this," but caught the overhead wires, too).

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