Sunday, November 04, 2012

City of Subdued Excitement 

"Plato materialized gazing at a man sleeping in a bed in a mobile home in Bellingham.

The ghost of a lady with a plastic bag bound around her head was noticed in a convenience store in the Bellingham neighborhood. Many folks close at hand have had matching occurrences involving a very similar phantom.

A somewhat translucent guy dressed as the skipper of a oil tanker has often been made out trying on shoes in a Bellingham residence. A number of the residents claim this ghost is in all probability the tormented ghost of a resident who used to have a house here in Bellingham.

A gargantuan lemur is frequently made out ascending out of a storm drain on a Bellingham avenue late at night.

An alien from another world is known to have been spotted on one or two occasions looking at the water by Bullard Dam at the stroke of midnight.

A Yeti can repeatedly be distinguished nosing around in mailboxes around midnight in Bellingham.

A gigantic roebuck may be spotted frequently playing a harpsichord in a Bellingham flat."

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