Thursday, October 04, 2012
Correspondent: "So you've never seen any good work at the VAG."

I didn't say that.  The VAG, like any large art museum, exhibits a range of aesthetic quality.  Recently I've seen and liked Carol Sawyer's time-lapse Every day I take the same photograph, Kika Thorne's Octave (which I wrote about for Pyramid Power), survey exhibitions by Isabelle Pauwels and Scott McFarland, the big Roy Arden retrospective and accompanying permanent collection survey show, and the Kai Althoff and Anthony Hernandez exhibitions co-curated by Kathleen Bartels and Jeff Wall.  But I don't think that, overall, the VAG is the best place in Vancouver to learn about, or to see, contemporary art.  It was once, under Willard Holmes and Judith Mastai. Studying the roots of its slow decline is instructive.

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