Thursday, October 18, 2012

Metropolitan (67), 2012

People keep asking about these little photographs.  Are they parodies, homages, what?  They are pictures of places I have never been in Los Angeles, a category which, partially because of them, keeps shrinking.

I started making them early in the morning and late at night because I felt overwhelmed at my job, and thought that I might never leave, or work "creatively" again. 

At first the pictures were unpopulated and then I thought that if they were to be an accurate record of the city they purported to depict that there should be figures.

I think about these photographs as abstractly as I can.  I like the tension in the figure's body and his hat and bags and glasses, but I also like the white crosses and dashes of the empty parking stalls, and the graceful curlicues of the windows' safety bars, and the "swarming" quality of the triangular tile wall, and the flat graphic quality of the painted sign and the long shadows that define the lower right edge of the frame.  All of these details are significant; all of these things have meaning.

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