Tuesday, October 09, 2012
All of Sunken Condos available to stream here right now

"I'm most interested in people who are smart, funny people and are neurotic. Whether it's a man or a woman, it's about the problems that come with being smart and funny. Usually it's something creepy that happened to you as a kid. That's what makes you so interesting. On the other hand, because of the neurotic stuff, if you wanna be friends with them or if you want to have a romantic relationship, you just have to deal with that. That's fine with me. I'm used to it because most everyone I know is like that."


"For sale are FOUR SCOTCH 3M master reels labeled- Steely Dan, Outtakes / Rough Mixes. PLEASE SEE PIX- Two of the reels are 7.5ips 2 track and the other two are 15ips 2 track. Reel #1 (7.5ips) includes: "The Bear Got You", "Stand By The Sea Wall", and different mixes of "My Rival. Reel #2 (7.5 & 15ips) includes: several cuts of "My Rival" and several cuts of "Third World Man". Reel #3 (15ips) includes: 4 cuts of "Babylon Sisters", one master,and one safety. Reel #4 (15ips) includes: 2 versions of "Deacon Blues" Alternate mixes. All tapes aound A++ and are extremely rare and in great shape. Always stored in a climate controlled facility, and ONLY played on hi-end professional machines. Tape runs and sounds great when played back on my ATR-102, and there is no signs of oxide shedding, squealing, cupping/warping, etc."

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