Thursday, September 20, 2012
No poetry here for a while.  Here's a new poem I like, by my pal Weldon Gardner Hunter, from his collection The Stella and Pony Years (Small Ghosts, 2012, $8CDN @ PFB and elsewhere)

by Weldon Gardner Hunter

I guess the spirits messed up
this season, but I am not about
to go & call them on it.

So many creatures, totems,
and fetishes -- it's like finding
the right search term and running with it.

The Jungle Lords of Copyright,
taking pens, pencils, Starbucks
cups, Ricky's soccer team;

everything, in an attempt to
protect thenselves.  But they're
ruining North American criticism.

Lose all respect, and then you
too can balance on the edge
between the poem & a hole so deep.

The rising of scales, the Poem
in Action, not to drag it down to
the deplorable condition of "information."

The good isn't bad.  It's
strategic.  There's some good shit
in here, may it proudly proliferate.

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