Saturday, July 21, 2012

Uncle Zip:

"Harrison is often called a 'writer's writer,' a compliment that can cut both ways. How does he feel about this? In reply he describes the 'practice crag' found in almost every Peak District town or village. 'It may not be much higher than this room,' he says, 'but every single way of getting to the top of it will have been worked out over 50 or 60 years.' At the same time, there will always be 'some last great problem that nobody's solved. The guy who will solve it may not be the best climber in Britain, but the best climber in Britain will turn up one day in the summer to watch the local guy who can do it. And I always wanted to be that local guy, as a writer. To be that technical, that familiar with a certain locality, and within those terms, able.'"

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