Monday, July 23, 2012

I Am in Blood Stepped in So Far That Should I Wade No More

"Any push for meaningful restrictions on the gun trade will demand the full and vigorous support of the President. Rather than refusing to say 'James Holmes,' Obama would surely be doing the victims’ families, and the rest of us, a much greater service if he seized upon this terrible story and used it to educate Americans about the consequences of statutes that allowed a twenty-four-year-old graduate-school dropout to order, online, some three thousand rounds of ammunition for his Bushmaster AR 15 assault rifle, another three thousand rounds for his handgun, and three hundred and fifty shells for his shotgun. Such an exercise on Obama’s part would befit the word 'Presidential.'"

Naturally the cowards over at the National Rifle Association have no comment on Mr. Holmes, perhaps correctly intuiting that their hands are as bloody as his own.

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