Saturday, June 09, 2012
Bill Buford is the author of Heat. He is completing a book about being a French cook, provisionally titled Dirt & Dinner: Hauling my Sorry-ass Family to France for Three Years (and Counting).

"We found a flat. It had no oven. The windows didn't shut. It was cold. Bits of semi-frozen Rhone Valley river scum floated into our lungs and infected them with microscopic bronchial suicide bombers. We went to A&E. We got lice. We got lice again. One of our children walked on a taxi seat in his tiny three-year-old shoes; the driver hit him with his fist. I swore at the driver. He thanked me. I swore at myself. Why did I think I spoke French? The plan had been to stay six months. What about six days? Six days passed. Six months passed. Did we forget to leave?"

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