Friday, May 25, 2012

Bill 78 is an insult to every Canadian, reflecting a profound contempt for the "governed." Quebec's students are protesting tuition increases designed to put anyone trying to better themselves in hock to the "institututions of higher education" for eternity. Unless you are fortunate enough for full scholarship (which I was, at UBC, for 3 of my 4 years) this basically acts as a clawback of your earnings for a decade or longer, especially if your degree is in liberal arts. Saddling young people with $30,000+ debts at the start of their working lives is something that we, as a culture, have to come to grips with. It's a way of making young people tractable, as with cows. And it's shameful that the inflated costs of higher education are passed along to those least able to bear it, who are then, by dint of those debts, made less mobile and less able to take the risks that were happily taken by the entitled boomer generation. This is not my personal issue - I have a degree and a job. But I am profoundly angered by a society that wants to strap 100-pound weights around the feet of its young, and then castigates them when they can't run.

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