Wednesday, May 09, 2012
About These Photographs

Two sequences of pictures, found and framed in Google Street View.

Metropolitan: sites in Los Angeles previously unknown to me.

CJ:  sites in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, North America's most violent city, a place where neither I, nor native Mexican photographers, can work openly.

The experience of modernity in two of North America's largest cities. 

When I began I thought, naively, to visually contrast "good" polyglot heterogenous modernity with "bad" failed modernity.  The pictures complicate this distinction, revealing it as arbitrary.  Even in Murder City, daily life goes on.

100 pictures made of each place, of which perhaps 8-10 will be accepted as finished works and shown.  No sequence ever exhibited in its entirety.

Each picture extensively post-processed and best considered a sketch or drawing.

Smallish prints, ranging in size from 5" x 7" to 9" x 16".  Framed.  One or two slightly larger pictures presented as backlit images in off-the-shelf wall-mounted digital display frames.

Thanks to Owen Kydd, Gabrielle Moser, Andy Keech and David Hockney, special friends of these works.

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