Monday, November 14, 2011

Christopher Brayshaw, Into Thin Air
CSA Space, Vancouver
24 November 2011 through 31 December 2011

Opening reception Thursday 24 November 2011, 6-9pm

This is actually taking place next week -- the last bits of the show are being printed and framed as I type -- and I'd love to see anyone who's in the neighborhood.


An Excavation: print 11.67” x 8.75” on 14” x 10” sheet; will exhibit grain at printed size

Antique Dealer’s Window: print 13.5” x 18” on 16” x 20” sheet. Please do not alter color/contrast.

Arroyo: print 11.98” x 11.90” on 16” x 20” sheet

Blind: print 8.88” x 9.84” on 10” x 14” sheet

Chocolate Factory Cactus Garden: print 14.00” x 18.67” on 16” x 20” sheet

Coat Suspended From a Tree: print 12.19” x 8.93” on 14” x 10” sheet

Cosmopolitan Book Shop: already printed

A Heterogenity: print 14.43” x 18” on 16” x 20” sheet

In a Conservatory: print 14.08” x 15.57” on 16” x 20” sheet. Please do not correct blown out highlights in sky

La Cienega: already printed

Nooksack Falls: print 12.00” x 8.86” on 14” x 10” sheet

Opuntia ficus-indica: already printed; borrowed from private collection

Purity: print 14.26” x 14.16” on 16” x 20” sheet. Minor or no color/contrast correction; image should retain a “flat,” low-contrast feel

Spare: print 4.5” x 5.12” on 8” x 10” sheet; will exhibit grain at printed size

Surveillance Tower & Palm Tree: already printed

All images are correctly sized at 300+ DPI.

Without Whom Dept.: Helpsy, Rose, Steven Tong, Adam Harrison, Jamie Tolagson, Peter Culley, Evan Lee, Brad Phillips, Susanne Goodison, Fairfield Porter, Sam Harrigan, Keith Freeman, Dorothy Bartoszewski, Sylvia Grace Borda, Claudia Beck, Andrew Gruft, Lee Bacchus, Paul Vassallo, Ron Terada, Kevin Madill, John Latta, Scott McFarland, Jeff Wall.  Thanks, guys.

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