Wednesday, November 09, 2011
"'But that boat--' he cried.  'He's been building that boat for seven years that I know of. The blocks rotted out and he made concrete blocks.  Every time he gets it nearly finished he changes it and starts over again.  I think he's nuts.  Seven years on a boat.'

Doc was sitting on the ground pulling off his rubber boots. 'You don't understand,' he said gently. 'Henri loves boats but he's afraid of the ocean.'

'What's he want a boat for then?' Hazel demanded.

'He likes boats,' said Doc. 'But suppose he finishes his boat. Once it's finished people will say, "Why don't you put it in the water?" Then if he puts it in the water, he'll have to go out in it, and he hates the water. So you see, he never finishes the boat -- so he doesn't ever have to launch it.'"

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