Saturday, July 09, 2011

A particularly inspired Walter Becker in Los Angeles, midway through Hey Nineteen:

"You know how hard it gets people. Now I could give you the same cornball rap about bringing your girlfriend down to the Steely Dan show etc, etc, etc. But this is Hollywood and you know in reality things are a lot weirder than that. A more than likely scenario would be you go on down to the disco and meet up with friend triple Z and a small exchange takes place and you bug on out of there and head back to the house in the hills with a package of some kind of newly minted psychedelic that is supposed to be the most incredible aphrodisiac since the beginning of time. In reality it’s a mixture of baking soda and other common ingredients. You don’t know that, so about 45 minutes after takeoff you and your beloved are lolling around on the shag rug looking out at the UFOs coming in for a landing pattern at LAX. Talking about parallel universes and you know you actually have a clitoris in your brain and why don’t we call your sister and stuff like that. Another guy is already heading up with another package of baking soda in case the party starts to sag a little bit. About this time you are getting that dry mouth thing and it could be from sucking on various body parts or it could just be the baking soda. So you go into the kitchen and look for some liquid…"

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