Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Columbia, 2011
Digitally altered c-print
Edition 2 + 1AP, edition 1/2 private collection, Vancouver, BC

The product of 45 minutes' patient waiting just north of Portland, Oregon, and the first of what might be several pictures derived from my reading of Lewis and Clark's journals.

That foreground water looks deceptively calm, but was repeatedly broken by huge 20+ pound fish jumping, which didn't bother the goose family in the slightest.  The debris-rings in the foreground are traces of the fish's presence; they point to other moments in the continuum of time the picture is a part of.  Photographs, even ostensibly "straight" ones, aren't mirrors.

Digital alterations: clouds (multiple exposures); bugs (removed); exposure.  In this case I think the alterations have aesthetic value, but only insofar as they improve the image's (mediated) transparency.

I didn't spot the picture's secret subject, Mr. Heron, while making it.  But there he is, just slightly above and to the right of that last goose.  OH HAI.

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