Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Today's soundtrack: Gayngs, The Gaudy Side of Town

Printing for November.  Five more pictures out in the world.  (Fleetwood Ghost; La Cienega; Cosmopolitan Book Shop; Chocolate Factory Cactus Garden; Surveillance Tower & Palm Tree). Sizes vary, from 8" x 10" (Fleetwood) to 16" x 20" (Cosmopolitan; La Cienega). Editions of 2 + 1AP.  A couple of prints are already spoken for, but at least one of each remains.  If you think that you might like one, feel free to get in touch through the usual channels.  Prices (framed) range from $500-1500.  Proceeds benefit framing for November, a medium format camera with a digital back, and shooting in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, and the Canadian Shield this fall.

Special thanks to LJH, Christopher Gaudet, and Tasha Brotherton, without whom I never would have found the courage.

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