Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Countdown to Steely Dan

Walter Becker's dry voice crackling over the phone from NYC, where rehearsals for this year's world tour are just wrapping up.  Tour kicks off Saturday night in Seattle (6th row, dead center) and continues Sunday in Portland (11th row, just slightly left-of-center).

("Don't get arrested," said L. before she left. "Don't go backstage, don't touch anyone or try to touch anyone.  Don't throw clothing on the stage, don't try to pass 'gifts' to the ushers or the road crew.")

One of the great joys in my life is being able to see my favorite living band, all thirteen members strong, on stage, churning out their trademark sui generis jazz-rock-soul-cum Manciniesque "easy listening" sound.  A rigorous aesthetic, full of great beauty and humor, and one which, when I first discovered it back in university, I just naturally assumed that I'd never be able to hear live, due to the group having disbanded many years before.  And then the New York Rock and Soul Revue took off, and there were some warm-up dates, and a few small-venue shows, and, finally, a new album, just as good as anything which had ever gone before...


Steely Dan, What a Shame About Me (live in LA)

Steely Dan, Jack of Speed (live in LA)

Steely Dan, Do It Again (live in NYC)

Steely Dan, Godwhacker (live in 2003, somewhere out in the world)

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