Friday, May 06, 2011
Rodney Graham anticipates my whole career:

"Here's a story [...] that might serve as a cautionary tale for emerging artists: after an expression of interest by a European curator who wanted to include a version of [a] work in a group show in Vienna, I crated the piece myself (an architectural model, a large framed photograph, documentary material), drove it to the airport, shipped it to the museum in Vienna - I believe it was the Wiener Secession Museum - and waited for the stunned response of the art world to this startlingly original addition to the canon. After several months - nothing. I knew the show was over and wrote to the museum to enquire about the return shipment. I received a very harsh letter from the museum director informing me that I had never in fact been invited to exhibit in the exhibition, that the work was never shown, and that they were unwilling to pay for the work to be shipped all the way to Vancouver, only as far as New York. Which they did and this is where it languished in some customs warehouse because I couldn't afford a broker, and where it languishes still as far as I know. How could such a thing happen?"

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