Thursday, May 05, 2011
Last night's dinner: Pot.  Butter.  Arborio rice.  Turn frequently to coat.  BC white wine.  Fresh English peas, shelled.  Wine, fine YVR tap water, salt and pepper slowly.  Shelled peas in.  5 min. Big handful of fresh pink shrimp in.  Slug of cold gin from the freezer.  2 min.  Remove from heat, knob of butter in, lots of fresh chopped dill stirred through, garnish of dill & fleur de sel.

I know it's de rigeur to make risotto with chicken or vegetable stock, but in my judgment these powerful flavors would have killed the more delicate flavors of the shrimp, the peas, the gin and the dill. 

Good last night, and even better reheated today.

CULINARY INSIGHT:  If I make this again, I'm going to squeeze half a cut lemon over the salt and dill garnish.

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