Thursday, May 05, 2011
I don't often post about food -- zero interest in turning Anodyne into a cranky "food blog," and I enjoy eating with L. more than pointing a digital camera at my plate -- but I like eating, reading about cooking, cooking for myself and others, and turn out to be pretty good at it.  Not "professional" by any stretch of the imagination, but, as Larry says, pretty, pretty good.

Here's a few places where I've had great meals.  Not a greatest-hits list, and not inclusive by any means, but if you live near any of these, go now, while you can.

Laurent Quenoiux's Bistro LQ, Los Angeles.  Probably my favorite restaurant ever.  French-California fusion.  Like the French Laundry, but affordable, and weirdly unfussy.

Portland's Cocotte.  French-influenced bistro in the middle of a residential neighborhood.  Three owners, all in their late 20s.  Assured cooking; feels like it's been there forever.

Bo Laksa King, East Hastings Street, Vancouver.  Three words: fermented fish ovaries.  Thanks, D.!

Daniel Humm's Eleven Madison Park, New York City.  If I ever proposed, I'd do it here, in this big mirrored room full of light.  The staff were absurdly generous and welcoming to the shy Canadian gastrotourists in the corner.

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