Saturday, August 28, 2010
Calculated Risk Media Inquiries Policy

I didn't write this, but sure wish I had.

"You want to talk to us because of what we have written on this blog, instead of simply engaging with what we have written on this blog. You are saying that blog entries we have written, [of] our own inspiration, on our own time, for our own intellectual purposes, backed up by our own research, are not good enough for you to use as source material (properly credited). It only 'counts' if you get to ask the questions, form the story angle, edit the material, and put names on it. This is the message we’re getting from you, and the only reason that our answer to many of your inquiries is 'No' is that we are—CR at least, is—too polite to make it 'No, and go take a hike with the horse you rode in on.'"

Today's soundtrack: Boz Scaggs, Miss Sun

Dusty August Saturday light on the Lions, clear blue sky.

Thankful for (in no particular order): the bookstore; my sweetie; the cats; many art and climbing friends; music; economics; photography; landscape; this life.

(Image: Emma Lake at sunset from Canada Ridge. Snowy Mountain visible at rear center. Nb. the 500+ foot waterfalls coming off the headwall. Also various assorted stinging and biting insects, visible as grey smears in the exposure. And the moon.)
Friday, August 27, 2010

A New Hope: Uncut

(For JT, and also relevant to certain photographs that appear here from time to time)

Partial answer to an exam practice question for Urban Land Economics 300, hosted here for a few days so my course tutor can look at it:

Bid rent functions for carrots and tomatoes, using Equation 5.7 from the text:

r(carrots) = 60 (p/carrots) * 1 - 10 / 1 - 5 (cost/transport) * 1 / 1 * d
r(tomatoes) = 40 (p/tomatoes) * 1 - 10 / 1 - 1.5 (cost/transport) * 1 / 1 * d


r(carrots) = 50 - 5d

r(tomatoes) = 30 - 1.5d

To solve for maximum distance from city, bid rent equation must = 0, thus d(carrots)=10km, and d(tomatoes)=20km

To find the boundary between the agricultural activities, locate the point where the bid rent functions intersect.

50 - 5d = 30 - 1.5d
20 = 3.5d

d= 5.714km

The boundary between the agricultural zones is 5.714km.

Km 20 is the boundary between the outermost agricultural zone and the hinterland, where the return from tomato farming drops to 0.

I'm terrible at making graphs, so I drew one by hand, photographed it, and put it up on my blog.


Corrections Dept.

L. writes:

"Hey, Doofus!

The tune I was ACTUALLY singing [yesterday] morning was nothing like the inane dribble of The Gummy Bear Song. Oh, no. What I was singing was the theme from Disney's Gummi Bears cartoon (note the name change to the able-to-be-trademarked 'Gummi' and which had a stuffed toy tie in of course, which [my dad] bought me on learning a piece of Robert Frost poetry):

Dashing and daring
Courageous and caring
Faithful and friendly
With stories to share
All through the forest
They sing out in chorus
Marching along
As their song fills the air


Gummi Bears
Bouncing here and there and everywhere
High adventure that's beyond compare
They are the Gummi Bears

Magic and mystery
Are part of their history
Along with the secret
Of gummiberry juice
Their legend is growing
They take pride in knowing
They'll fight for what's right
In whatever they do


(Repeat first verse)


Gummi Bears
When a friend's in danger they'll be there
Lives and legends that we all can share
They are the Gummi Bears!

They are the Gummi Bears
They are the Gummi Bears!

Find it here:

Please don't ever again let the world think that I would sing something as ridiculous as the un-trademarked and probably public domain The Gummy Bears Song. Nope. Disney (with my father's complicity) had me completely brainwashed from birth..."
Thursday, August 26, 2010

Suspended Gear, 2010

Don't Like Our Exhibition Programming? Fuck Off. PROBLEM SOLVED!

SOME GUY: Anything on in your little gallery upstairs?

CJB: Yup. Want the keys?

SG: I guess.

[Tempus fugit]

SG: That was interesting. Do you know, is the artist familiar with South Korean art?

CJB: No clue, sorry.

SG: Because...the works look exactly like the work [UNPRONOUNCABLE SOUTH KOREAN NAME] was making...five years ago.

CJB: Thanks for the valuable feedback!*

*Subtitles. See above.

CJB'S SWEETIE "L.": Too bad I'm missing the [Dukes of September] show in LA. I hear they're playing "Iggy."

CJB: Ah, IGY. What a great song. I still remember hearing it for the first time back in 1982!

L. [thoughtfully]: Back in 1982, I remember wanting a Pound Puppy.


CJB [singing, off key]: I keep forgettin' we're not in love any more / I keep forgettin' things will never be the same again / I keep forgettin' how you made it so clear--*

L. [on key]: Oh I’m a gummy bear / Yes I’m a gummy bear /Oh I’m a yummy tummy funny lucky gummy bear / I’m a jelly bear / 'cause I´m a gummy bear / Oh I’m a movin’ groovin’ jammin’ singing gummy bear / Oh yeaoooh--**

*Michael McDonald, I Keep Forgetting

**Some flaky, un-trademarkable song that L. apparently wasn't singing. See her correction ("Hey, Doofus!") above.
Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Pussyfooting, 2010
Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The "Theme From Sea Hunt" Rhythm Revue

"Boz and Mike didn't think it was such a good idea."
Bjork's Moomin song
I Love The Life I Live

Dusty August sunlight, US mail packing, Dukes of September (lead vocals: DF) performing IGY, most beautiful of pop songs. "Spandex jackets, one for everyone." 30 second melodica solo at the bridge!
Monday, August 23, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Extended Remix Version)

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