Saturday, August 28, 2010
Calculated Risk Media Inquiries Policy

I didn't write this, but sure wish I had.

"You want to talk to us because of what we have written on this blog, instead of simply engaging with what we have written on this blog. You are saying that blog entries we have written, [of] our own inspiration, on our own time, for our own intellectual purposes, backed up by our own research, are not good enough for you to use as source material (properly credited). It only 'counts' if you get to ask the questions, form the story angle, edit the material, and put names on it. This is the message we’re getting from you, and the only reason that our answer to many of your inquiries is 'No' is that we are—CR at least, is—too polite to make it 'No, and go take a hike with the horse you rode in on.'"

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