Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Walter: All right. Got one. Steely Dan.

Walt Jr: No.

Walter: Yes, absolutely. No, in terms of pure musicianship...I would put them up against any current band you can name.

Walt Jr: You wouldn't know any current bands.

Walter: That's besides the point.

Skyler: Have a good day, honey.

Walt Jr: You too.

Walter: Ah. Boz Scaggs. There's another one.

Skyler: Boz Scaggs...

Walt Jr: Whoever they are. Bye. Thanks for breakfast.

Skyler: Bye.

Walter: You're welcome. Listen, tell Louis to drive carefully.

Walt Jr: All right. [LEAVES ROOM]

Walter: Our son doesn't know who Boz Scaggs is. We have failed as parents.

Skyler: Come to think of it, I barely know who Boz Scaggs is.

Walter: Stop it.

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