Saturday, April 03, 2010

Professional Photo-Editing Software Wants to Be Free

So I'm making a picture which, for various complicated reasons, is a composite image, made up of bits and pieces of six different exposures. At first I thought I'd have to save up for a professional version of Photoshop ($800+ CDN) to complete it, but then realized, wait! This is 2010! Digital toolkits want to be free! And promptly downloaded and installed the latest stable release of GIMP, a very powerful image editor, with which I am currently cutting-and-pasting my little architectural composition together. Eat your heart out, Oscar Rejlander.

(Speedy, below, also lightly GIMPed -- parallel foreground lines, contrast, yellow sign's pebbly textured surface, etc. But this technical stuff isn't too interesting, and I won't refer to it that often)

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