Thursday, April 15, 2010


To the southwest for two weeks with Sam and D., good companions in solitude. Despite this digital scrapbook I'm not really a people person; my ideal job consists of sitting in a room with the window open and the door closed, reading and writing and thinking with the cat nearby, or moving, preferably unobserved, through the world with my camera, looking for things-in-themselves (q.v. Lee Friedlander's "nervous hunting of a one-eyed cat").

I haven't been to Utah or Colorado since 1998, the year I cashed out my retirement savings and went to Arizona to buy the books that eventually became PFB's initial shelf stock. But I always associate the lengthening days and the strong, equal light with a sense of freedom. Of beginning again, and moving along.

So: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, maybe Colorado, Utah again, Nevada, California and home, with Rose T. Cat and Scat riding shotgun.

Back soon.

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