Sunday, March 07, 2010

David Thomson on Red Riding (via Pete)

"[T]he torrential voice that begins as the sound of barbed talk among the books’ characters, but that ends up as the music or wind blowing through its shattered terrain. . . ."

"We have found ourselves in a culture of TV series and elaborate DVDs where some 'lost' movies are unpeeled before our eyes. And the eyes do have it. When The Sopranos ended, it was not with an emphatic story point, a wow! (like Tony being an FBI plant or a papal delegate), but a delicacy of mise-en-scène that had to be seen over and over again. Of course, that doesn’t apply to all TV, and it never will, but there are series that are works of visual conjuring just as some old movies now enter a Borgesian library of variants. Their pursuit tends to be meditative, solitary, and unnerving. It resembles reading."

(Those last three sentences viz. certain pictures that appear here intermittently)

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