Sunday, January 10, 2010

Memo to Defective Kitteh

"Dear kitteh,

To put this in a language you will understand:

Kitteh: prettys pinks with greenz stems is not fuds. Noms is fuds from daddez. No eats the pinks off stems! Greenz stems by self in water makes hoomanz nervouses. They call vets for jections! No noms the pretty pinks!! Kthxbai!

Translation for Mr. Brayshaw: I came home and the cat had eaten the heads off two of the tulips without disturbing the glass of water they were in. I called the emergency clinic; tulips are not poisonous. They make the cat farty (which she told me, and boy, is she ever right - it's like having yo' mama around) but not [dead]."

(via L.)

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