Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another excellent photograph by Heidi Specker. The images on the artist's website move and excite me; they feel like something genuinely new being done with the medium, something that doesn't simply reiterate photography-up-until-now. Even her earlier, extraordinarily banal architectural photographs -- with their weird colors and fuzzy, out-of-focus echoes of Sugimoto -- transcend flat neutrality by the photographer's arrangement of them so as to subordinate the impact ("affect"?) of each picture to the sequence it appears in, which for me is a single work, a composite "work of parts." Specker's arrangement of the photographs collectively titled D'Elsi bears close examination, especially for how she juxtaposes photographs with only minute visual differences in ways that prompt you to totally re-evaluate the truth-content of each one. (Compare D'Elsi's #13 with #14; #16 with #17; #19 with #20).

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