Thursday, December 31, 2009

Derek Liddington and Stephen Lavigne, Inappropriate Behavior: Red Brick House, 2009

"The vampire is oblivious to linear understandings of history and thus cannot fully adapt to contemporary western culture. As a result vampires confuse and conflate aesthetics derived from modernist and postmodernist visual languages. This process of ‘feeding’ results in continual slips between past and present; slips that leave their aesthetic in a constant state transition. Inappropriate Behavior uncovers the narrative of a Canadian vampire colony, currently migrating along rural Ontario highways. Typical of appropriative – appropriate – behavior, these vampires take part in a series of follies brought on by their need to ‘blend in’ with their rural Canadian surroundings.

Dependant on post-modern aesthetics for survival these rural vampires are drawn to the autonomy of the mobile home and farm; retrofitted aesthetics dependant on utopian ideals. Ranging from Donald Judd’s minimalist sculptures and Dan Graham’s theorizing on glass in urban architecture, historical and theoretical moments are conflated and displaced, re-assembled into glass barns, minimalist coffins, mobile homes, big-rigs, mac-tac, plywood and paint."

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