Monday, November 30, 2009

"Rejecting the old mass market in favor of idiosyncratic niche markets and cliquish alternatives to retail outlets, the new superconsumer believes that the limited-access transactions he participates in makes his behavior noneconomic. Since price is not important in these transactions, he ignores how he is trading in the more nebulous currencies of attention, prestige and status display as he seeks recognition and validation."

(via ST, who argues that this well-argued and -written article is too "Frankfurt School" for him, too bleak. I'd be more inclined to accept his conclusion without the Christmas wishlist of $100 vests and backpacks just below it, but maybe that's just me being catty. The article strikes me as entirely realistic, especially its prognosis of virtual anonymity for cultural producers who don't promote their paintings, photographs, music, etc. via the interwebs and social networking platforms.)

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