Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Dear Mr. Brayshaw: the solicitors [sic] at Helps Law Offices would like to put you on FINAL NOTICE that any utterance, phrases, sentences, conversations, decrees, statements, speeches, or declarations made by our client of either a humorous or non-humorous nature, if used on your 'weblog,' or in any writing in any forum, must be credited to our client in a form acceptable to her. Hence, the use of a 'dash' or other symbol does not properly credit her. She is not 'The-Symbol-Formerly-Known-As-Prince.' 'L.' is perfectly acceptable. Please understand that Ms. Helps is an independent entity and makes no promises, guarantees, endorsements or renewables about exercising 'humour' or being a 'good conversationalist.' Please understand that we will hold you personally, and Pulpfiction Books, its agents, employees, and associates jointly and severally liable should this happen again. Yours very truly, Helps Law Offices."

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