Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Countdown to Ecstasy

Woken c. 730am by the garbage truck, the other garbage truck, the glass recycling truck, the paper recycling truck, the City of Vancouver sewer clean-out truck with the slurpy hose, car alarm going off, sure it's being burgled by all of the above.

Clock radio goes off: "...right back after Nickelback."

-It's like waking up in friggin' Guantanamo Bay.

-No, they'd be playing Aja there.

Torrential driving rain. Ragged guy with wet garbage bag of trashed textbooks on the doorstep.

-Sorry. I can't use any of these.

-Why the fuck not?

Phone ringing.

-What's the most recent book you have on learning English. I need its title, price, publication date, and page count.

-Well, we have a languages section--

-That's not what I asked you now, is it?

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