Saturday, August 08, 2009
Keyed-up wide-eyed but polite guy with neck tattoos wants to talk to me:

KUWEGWNT: How long's this bookstore been here?

CJB: About ten years.

KUWEGWT: Yeah, I've been in prison for ten years, so that's about right.

[Wanders around]

KUWEGWT: I've got a lot of cool books. I was in San Francisco, back in the day, when the Height was closing down. This one bookstore, I broke into it. Got a lot of good stuff there, yeah. [LOST IN MEMORY] Haven't seen that stuff again.

CJB [TOTALLY AT A LOSS AS TO HOW TO CONTINUE CONVERSATION]: Yeah, some of that small press San Francisco stuff wasn't widely distributed here in Canada.

KUWEGWT [NODDING]: Yeah, man. yeah. You have yourself a good night!

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