Saturday, April 18, 2009
Recent latenight question: What if no one wants what you've made?


From JW Veldhoen, NYC: Make another.

From Lisa Fedorak, YVR: Was the item made with the 'purpose' of needing to be wanted by someone else, or was it born of a desire/need to make things and now even the creator doesn't want it?

First scenario, reevaluate your market and product. Either you don't know your intended as well as you think and need to take on some market research, or you have a poor grasp of how your abilities and output are being received by others. In the case of the second scenario, well, um, hang onto it. Your hands might be ahead of your brain. Or, it could be truly as nasty as you think confirming everything you have ever thought about anything you have ever done.

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