Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Back from "conducting research" or "stalking" (take your pick) at the New Westminster Land Title Office. Business-school field project plus genuine curiosity. Sundown. Sun just below the roof of Architectural Antiques across Main, illuminating the pink-white petals and tiny green leaves of the cherry tree outside the (open) shop door. iTunes gibbled. CBC 2 playing light "tasteful" jazz: one of the only FM stations the stereo reliably picks up. Drinking Granville Island Brewing Co. Limited Release Porter. "Suggested serving temperature is 4C - 8C." Grey light now on the carpet, sun just a diffuse glow along the green lintel opposite. Cars passing. L.'s intelligent eyes. Louis' switching tail. His visible delight in pouncing on helpless cloth mice. Washing "gravy" off the cat food lid, dribbling yellow liquid detergent across it. Foam trickling down the porter bottle's long brown neck. I'm writing these things down so I remember.

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