Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Someone writes to ask what became of the art criticism.

Three CJB-authored pieces in the pipeline: an essay on digital photography and aesthetic judgment forthcoming in an anthology of Canadian art criticism edited by my friend and fellow photographer Jennifer McMackon; a short essay on Octave, a sculpture by Kika Thorne, in the next issue of Pyramid Power magazine; and a long (4000+ word) essay on Isabelle Pauwels, publication venue TBD but likely Pyramid Power's next issue.

Someone else wonders if I've "seen any good art lately." Yes: the new Ian Wallace show upstairs at CSA Space, curated by Adam Harrison, and Enacting Abstraction, a generous and thoughtful survey at the VAG, curated by my old boss Daina Augaitis. And I'm looking forward to the VAG's upcoming exhibition of photographs by Anthony Hernandez. Straight-up pictures of people traversing public space in the Los Angeles basin, looking as fresh as they did when Hernandez first made them in the late 1970s.

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