Sunday, February 15, 2009
My My, Hey Hey

"[W]here is art in all of this? Proliferating but languishing. 'Quality,' primarily defined as formal skill, is back in vogue, part and parcel of a conservative, some would say retrogressive, painting and drawing revival. And it has given us a flood of well-schooled pictures, ingenious sculptures, fastidious photographs and carefully staged spectacles, each based on the same basic elements: a single idea, embedded in the work and expounded in an artist’s statement, and a look or style geared to be as catchy as the hook in a rock song."

[Excellent article by the NYT's Holland Cotter, reprising numerous themes on high repeat at Anodyne HQ, including canny D.I.Y., the creation of autonomous parallel structures, self-distribution, and the refusal of academic/art-school careerism]

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