Monday, February 23, 2009

Black Tuesday busily unfolding in the Asian markets as I write. Not much change over at Anodyne HQ. I haven't sold anything in either of the play portfolios -- though my results would definitely have been better if I had -- and I've been quietly adding onto my real life RRSP portfolio here and there. My guess is that I will be very pleased with today's purchases in February 2019. I can already hear the objection that hopefully I'll be dead in February 2019, in which case there's no real purpose to my savings, & etc. The argument -- which I've heard plenty of times from friends saddled with consumer debt -- presupposes that my investments will just dissolve into the air like smoke, or one of Twilight's twinkly vampires, when I die. It doesn't work that way, even after the government takes its cut. There'll be something left, to be distributed to relatives, loved ones, old friends, favorite causes. I'd like to think that the Land Conservancy of BC will be able to do something with a cheque from my estate (though I would vastly prefer they save a rocky knoll or an islet somewhere, instead of a historic property, building or garden). In the meantime, saving and investing provides lots of opportunities for learning (about Queen Charlotte gravel pits, Chilean copper mining companies, produce distribution, & etc.) and makes me feel vaguely optimistic about the future. Optimism is an underrated character trait. Or as Gramsci puts it, "The pessimism of the intellect, the optimism of the will."

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