Tuesday, February 24, 2009
10:00am: CJB arrives at work to confront 1000+ books still unpriced from a local scout's trip to Vancouver Island.

10:10am: "Are ya buyin' any books?"

10:11am: " "

10:15am: " "

10:21am: "I've got some books for trade!"

10:23am: Canpar arrives with 10 boxes from Penguin, 4 boxes from Random House.

10:24am: "You folks buying any books?"

11:15am: "I've got 15 boxes in the car!"

11:45am: "I've just got six...uh, no, seven boxes. Where should I put them?"

12:30pm: 250 pounds of remainders arrive in a shrinkwrapped pallet at the front door.

1:15pm: "You guys still buyin' books?"

& etc.

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