Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Via -- awesome tale of piloting a homebuilt motorized kayak katamaran up stormy, sheer-sided Knight Inlet in order to haul 90+ lb. packs of corn nuts, Fritos, and climbing gear up into a hostile landscape full of crevasses, avalanches, and misdescribed "walking routes" up remote peaks.

"The outrigger kayak we found on Craigslist for $40. It's obvious why it was $40. It was a poorly built home built job. We had to fix it up to make it strong enough. It had been folded in half already. . . .Some epoxy and glass cloth fixed that problem. You can't even get in the cockpit. We took a standard Pygmy Cockpit cover and placed it over the smaller 'outrigger' kayak then put a doubled strap around it for a seal. Connected the kayaks together with 2" Stainless Steel tubing that we had picked up from a junk yard who knows when. The outrigger kayak has a piece of garbage bow on it and splashes like crazy, but it was cheap. Looking for a replacement. It's no fun getting a continuous face full of sprayed water in choppy conditions.

The whole thing bolts together with 6 bolts. . . ."

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