Sunday, January 11, 2009
Flat January light through the door, a brighter grey out over the ocean. Dirty remnant snow still receding at the curb, leaving a tide-line of soggy cigarette filters, gum wads, and corrugated cardboard cup holders. Steady procession of folks through the door with unsaleable books. The usual suspects: the BC Health Guide, Lawrence Sanders, manky "illustrated" kids' books produced in Vietnamese animation sweatshops and bulk-remaindered over at Bookland in the mall.

Two tweens dressed like 1980s hookers (teased-out hair; tube tops; leggings) and their frantic harried mom carry in box after box of totally trashed self-help, Gossip Girl sequels, travel guides and assorted wadded-up airline reading, some of it still damp from apparently sitting out overnight in the rain.

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