Saturday, April 05, 2008
Saturday morning, store packed:

LOST DUDE: D'you have Fear & Loathing?

CJB: Sure...a used copy...right down there.

LD [holding entirely different book]: So that's...uh...$22.95?

CJB: That's the new price. Mine is inside, in pencil.

LD [checks]: $13.95?

CJB: Yup.

LD: I can almost afford that...I already bought some shit! [Waves drumsticks clutched in hand] Can I put it on hold?

CJB: Yes, for a day.

LD: Aw man! No longer?

CJB: No longer.

[LD's name and phone number recorded]

LD: Do you have mythology books?

CJB: Down the center aisle...about half shelf on your right.

LD: Do you have werewolf books there?

CJB: Which books?

LD: No, man. Werewolf books. Not witch books.

PULPFICTION'S ACE MANAGER, CHRIS C.: He was asking what you meant, not "witch books."

LD: Yeah, man, like I said, not witch books. I'm past that shit now!

[LD's "hold" promptly filed back out the moment his drug-addled brain and drumsticks left the premises]
Friday, April 04, 2008

Magnolia in a Public Park, 2008

Study After Jeff Wall, Concrete Ball, 2002, 2008

(Thinking, too, of Stieglitz's great Spring Showers, New York, 1902. Nb. the little puddle at the pedestal's foot!)

Recent reading. Smith's first book. Much better than Scream-meets-Little-Shop-of-Horrors, opening tonight at a multiplex near you. A competent ersatz Jim Thompson novel, well-paced and competently told. Four million dollars' worth of small bills leads first to one death, then another, and another. . . .I devour this kind of hubris-nemesis melodrama, and Smith's is a pretty good example of the genre, with its frequent wild shifts from spooky deadpan violence to black comic violence and back. If dour old Richard Bachman hadn't died of cancer of the pseudonym, he'd be writing books like Smith's.


10 April -- 11 May 2008

Opening Thursday, 10 April 2008, 6-9pm

Curated by Steven Tong, with an accompanying text by Jessie Caryl

Neil Wedman is represented by Equinox Gallery

CSA Space
#5 - 2414 Main Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada. V5T 3E2

Open 7 days: M-W 10am-8pm, Th-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun & hols 11am-7pm. See Pulpfiction Books, 2422 Main, for keys and directions
Thursday, April 03, 2008

"You're going to dance like you've never danced before."
Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Recent reading:

Scott Smith, The Ruins
Richard Pipes, A Concise History of the Russian Revolution

Q: Is that really a cell phone ringing?

Q: Way out here?

Q: Way down in the bottom of that dark pit?

Q: Audrey? Is that you?

One Hundred Famous Ghosts (67), 2008


T.W. Adorno: "[T]radition itself, as a medium of historical movement, depends essentially on economic and social structures and is qualitatively transformed along with them. The attitude of contemporary art toward tradition, typically reviled as a loss of tradition, is predicated on the inner transformation of the category of tradition itself."

One Hundred Famous Ghosts (66), 2008

Magnolia After Midnight, 2008

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